About the foundation

The focus of the Foundation's activities is to identify and review funding requests and opportunities on a regular basis that would align with the Foundation's charitable objectives and in the Foundation's governing documents.

The geographic scope of the Foundation will be focused on, but not limited to, the Miramichi area of Northern New Brunswick. Charitable objectives:

  1. Enhancement of community healthcare through the finding of various health and medical institutions, clinics, programs and organizations whose focus and efforts to are to prevent the relieve illness, disease and suffering of physically or mentally affected persons;
  2. Financial assistance to institutions whose purpose is the advancement of education, including, but not limited to, post-secondary institutions such as universities and colleges;
  3. Financial assistance, including the funding of capital facilities and equipment, to facilities whose focus is the care of the elderly and/or mentally/Physically challenged persons in the community. Note: Charity status granted Dec 7, 2017. Foundation activities began in 2017.

Board of Directors


Dr. Gerard Losier


Judy Losier


Dr. Evan Losier